Smooth Festival of Chocolate Goodness

Last weekend, August 12 – 13 Sydney hosted the Smooth Festival of Chocolate and it did not let the masses down. Crowds of people flocked to The Rocks to participate in the festivities celebrating all things chocolate.  With over 80 exhibitors, Sydney-siders and visitors had a chance to taste a variety of treats that included the expected macarons, the extravagant milkshakes overflowing with toppings, chocolate blocks with traditional and gourmet flavours and dessert cups layered with sugary goodness. It seems that every year, this annual festival just keeps getting grander and sweeter.

Loaded Cronut Fries at Festival of Chocolate Sydney

DJ Chocaramel Dessert from Zumbo at Festival of Chocolate Sydney

Portraits of people at Festival of Chocolate Sydney, holding chocolate dessert milkshake

I braved it and went peak time Sunday and though the lines for some stalls were ridiculous, it was expected; especially for the popular exhibitors like Black Star Pastry with its famous watermelon and strawberry cake and Zumbo Ski Lodge’s chocaramel dessert. Obviously, there were some food stalls that were providing food other than chocolate and desserts and naughty me, only had one Moroccan lamb skewer for lunch because I did not want to ruin my dessert appetite.

The lovely ladies at Le Macaron Boutique had amazing flavours that included Turkish Delight (which I scoffed down in the most lady-like way I could), Pistachio and Nutella, to name a few. I also had a try of the macarons at Passiontree Velvet with flavours including Passionfruit, Coconut, and my beloved Salted Caramel.

Le Macaron Boutique desserts at Festival of Chocolate Sydney

The Vogue Café - Freakshakes stand at Festival of Chocolate Sydney

The Vogue Café - Freakshakes stand at Festival of Chocolate Sydney with icecream toppings

Sydney is definitely a small place when you run into your couple friends whose wedding you went to just the day before. Coincidentally, they were in amongst the crowd and looking very much in love like the happily married couple they were! I was also honoured to do their engagement portrait shoot, last month.

You could spot the folks who had competed in the City to Surf earlier in the morning, still in their lanyards and running gear. What an amazing day they would have had, where one-half of the day they were running/walking for a great cause and then completing the day with deserved treats at the festival.

Tourists enjoying Festival of Chocolate Sydney

View from The Rocks Festival of Chocolate Sydney including the Harbour Bridge and stalls

Smooth Festival of Chocolate 2017 had some City Surf runners drop by

My husband who has recently gone vegan found some great exhibitors that fed his chocolate addiction. He stocked up on chocolate at the Little Zebra Chocolates and Cacaoette.

My epic sugar hit was at the Loaded Cronut Fries which was topped with chocolate, salted caramel flakes, mini m&m’s’ smashed oreo, milo, whipped cream and a chocolate wafer.

It was an impressive day and we are looking forward to next year’s event.

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