Family Portrait Session – An afternoon with Neha, Krish and Ariya

The beautiful family of three were amazing to capture as they did what any family with a cute baby do, they just loved on each other! I was so excited that Neha brought beautiful fresh flowers to the family portrait session as it always helps style the shoot, at the same time as providing a prop for the family to hold. And right on cue, baby Ariya starts pulling off the petals. I am sure I’ve never done a family shoot where a baby has not pulled off or started eating flower petals – true story!

Family portrait of three session, Mum and Dad holding baby

Family of three photography session, Mum, Dad and baby walking in the park

Family photography session in Sydney, Dad carrying baby and couple pose

I felt very privileged because the proud parents told me that Ariya had started walking just the day before the photo session. As soon as I was told this, I took this opportunity to capture as many of her solo shots, of her walking but most of my favourite captures were of her holding Mum and Dad’s hands to showcase the amazing bond between the family members.

Baby Ariya, loved to wave  A LOT (either a hello or a bye), and also there was a lot of photos of her shaking her finger, I probably could make an entire album of her doing this.

Family photography session in Sydney with Mum and Dad holding baby in the middle, baby looking at camera

Children photography, cute baby girl sitting on picnic blanket holding flowers, and wearing a flower crown

My secret beautiful reserve in Sydney is the best location for afternoon sessions to shoot the amazing sunset.  I love doing afternoon photo sessions! It includes lots of trees and grass for the green shades of nature but it also has an area with sand and water views.

We even had a chance to capture couple shots with the gorgeous light seeping in through the trees whilst bub was content playing on the picnic blanket. Surprisingly, she was not up walking around during this downtime, especially after discovering this art of walking thing.  I think it was the flowers distracting her; a few more petals may or may not have been munched on during this time. Flower crowns from Lily and Lace and Hair & Makeup by Glam Makeup by Mervat

Family photography session in Sydney, mother holding baby with water view in the background



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