Aiza and Her Two Little Ladies

When Aiza told her two young daughters that they were doing a family photography session, there was much excitement and anticipation for the big day. Pretty outfits were carefully chosen and the family had to also keep in mind the last days of winter weather but it all came together with their adorable dresses and skirts, even adding flower crowns to perfect the girls’ outfits.

Family portrait of mum and her daughters, girls wearing flower crowns

Family portrait of mum and her daughters hugging on a picnic rug in a Sydney Reserve

When the day came, the excitement definitely did not wane because oh boy, happy was an understatement. We all spent the afternoon running around (these girls run fast) and playing a sort-of-tag game. Well, they were playing and I was snapping away. I love being able to capture so much fun and the dynamics of the sweetest sisters that have so much love and respect for each other and their mum.

We were able to fit in so much in the time that we were shooting, including climbing of trees, running around of trees and posing in front of trees and it would not be a normal family photo session of little girls if there were no cartwheeling, splits and ‘ring-around-the-rosie’, so there was plenty of that.

The reserve also had a small beach area where the girls happily spent a great deal of time playing in the sand. Lucky I have a long camera lens as there was lots of sand throwing going on.

Family photography at Sydney Reserve, little girls wearing pretty dresses and flower crowns

Family portrait at Sydney Reserve. two sisters wearing dresses playing in the sand

Family photography of Mother and her two daughters walking and dancing in Sydney Reserve


If the water wasn’t so cold, I am sure the little adventurers would have just waded in.  Some of my favourite shots of the day were just of the family doing their own thing, and just hugging, cuddling, cartwheeling and giggling.

I don’t think I would ever get tired of doing family portraits and this family depicts how much fun it can be.

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