Charni and the boys Family Portrait

During winter, you can still get amazing family portraits at the beach. This family photography session was shot just before sunset in a very quiet part of Umina Beach at my childhood hometown on the Central Coast. 

Charni and her two young boys Spenser and Mason braved the cold, with the boys dressed in shorts. It’s like kids don’t feel the cold at all, not in the slightest.

Mother and Sons Family Photography at Umina Beach, Central Coast with redhead mother piggy backing her son and other son hugging mum

Family photography session at Umina Beach, Central Coast with two brothers sitting on green grass hugging each otherBeach Family Photography at Umina Beach with two boys playing with big black dog and brothers running down to the ocean

We wanted to get a couple of different location looks so we found a small grassy area for the natural green grass scenery and then walked a minute down to the beach for some soft beach photos, well the boys ran down to the beach.

I couldn’t even tell that they would ever have any arguments, the way that they were playing around with each other, rolling around on the sand, piggy backs, brotherly hugs, it was very cute! Charni told me otherwise but today was a good day as they let me capture these ‘rare’ amazing family moments.

Family photography session at Umina Beach with brother piggybacking his younger brother

Family Photography at Beach with family sitting on the sand, boy is kissing mother

Family photography session at Beach with brothers hugging each other and smiling posing for camera

Family Photography at Umina Beach with mother hugging sons and looking out at ocean

Because it was a dog-friendly part of the beach, a random dog came to join us for the photo opportunity and of course, the boys loved it.

The lighting was amazing and the sun played an important part in capturing the best light, creating halo-like effects. I loved that I was able to record such a beautiful memory for Charni and her boys showing such affection and playfulness.

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