Family Portrait Session – An afternoon with Neha, Krish and Ariya

The beautiful family of three were amazing to capture as they did what any family with a cute baby do, they just loved on each other! I was so excited that Neha brought beautiful fresh flowers to the family portrait session as it always helps style the shoot, at the same time as providing a prop for the family to hold. And right on cue, baby Ariya starts pulling off the petals. I am sure I’ve never done a family shoot where a baby has not pulled off or started eating flower petals – true story!

Family portrait of three session, Mum and Dad holding baby

Family of three photography session, Mum, Dad and baby walking in the park

Family photography session in Sydney, Dad carrying baby and couple pose

I felt very privileged because the proud parents told me that Ariya had started walking just the day before the photo session. As soon as I was told this, I took this opportunity to capture as many of her solo shots, of her walking but most of my favourite captures were of her holding Mum and Dad’s hands to showcase the amazing bond between the family members.

Baby Ariya, loved to wave  A LOT (either a hello or a bye), and also there was a lot of photos of her shaking her finger, I probably could make an entire album of her doing this.

Family photography session in Sydney with Mum and Dad holding baby in the middle, baby looking at camera

Children photography, cute baby girl sitting on picnic blanket holding flowers, and wearing a flower crown

My secret beautiful reserve in Sydney is the best location for afternoon sessions to shoot the amazing sunset.  I love doing afternoon photo sessions! It includes lots of trees and grass for the green shades of nature but it also has an area with sand and water views.

We even had a chance to capture couple shots with the gorgeous light seeping in through the trees whilst bub was content playing on the picnic blanket. Surprisingly, she was not up walking around during this downtime, especially after discovering this art of walking thing.  I think it was the flowers distracting her; a few more petals may or may not have been munched on during this time. Flower crowns from Lily and Lace and Hair & Makeup by Glam Makeup by Mervat

Family photography session in Sydney, mother holding baby with water view in the background



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Aiza and Her Two Little Ladies

When Aiza told her two young daughters that they were doing a family photography session, there was much excitement and anticipation for the big day. Pretty outfits were carefully chosen and the family had to also keep in mind the last days of winter weather but it all came together with their adorable dresses and skirts, even adding flower crowns to perfect the girls’ outfits.

Family portrait of mum and her daughters, girls wearing flower crowns

Family portrait of mum and her daughters hugging on a picnic rug in a Sydney Reserve

When the day came, the excitement definitely did not wane because oh boy, happy was an understatement. We all spent the afternoon running around (these girls run fast) and playing a sort-of-tag game. Well, they were playing and I was snapping away. I love being able to capture so much fun and the dynamics of the sweetest sisters that have so much love and respect for each other and their mum.

We were able to fit in so much in the time that we were shooting, including climbing of trees, running around of trees and posing in front of trees and it would not be a normal family photo session of little girls if there were no cartwheeling, splits and ‘ring-around-the-rosie’, so there was plenty of that.

The reserve also had a small beach area where the girls happily spent a great deal of time playing in the sand. Lucky I have a long camera lens as there was lots of sand throwing going on.

Family photography at Sydney Reserve, little girls wearing pretty dresses and flower crowns

Family portrait at Sydney Reserve. two sisters wearing dresses playing in the sand

Family photography of Mother and her two daughters walking and dancing in Sydney Reserve


If the water wasn’t so cold, I am sure the little adventurers would have just waded in.  Some of my favourite shots of the day were just of the family doing their own thing, and just hugging, cuddling, cartwheeling and giggling.

I don’t think I would ever get tired of doing family portraits and this family depicts how much fun it can be.

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Charni and the boys Family Portrait

During winter, you can still get amazing family portraits at the beach. This family photography session was shot just before sunset in a very quiet part of Umina Beach at my childhood hometown on the Central Coast. 

Charni and her two young boys Spenser and Mason braved the cold, with the boys dressed in shorts. It’s like kids don’t feel the cold at all, not in the slightest.

Mother and Sons Family Photography at Umina Beach, Central Coast with redhead mother piggy backing her son and other son hugging mum

Family photography session at Umina Beach, Central Coast with two brothers sitting on green grass hugging each otherBeach Family Photography at Umina Beach with two boys playing with big black dog and brothers running down to the ocean

We wanted to get a couple of different location looks so we found a small grassy area for the natural green grass scenery and then walked a minute down to the beach for some soft beach photos, well the boys ran down to the beach.

I couldn’t even tell that they would ever have any arguments, the way that they were playing around with each other, rolling around on the sand, piggy backs, brotherly hugs, it was very cute! Charni told me otherwise but today was a good day as they let me capture these ‘rare’ amazing family moments.

Family photography session at Umina Beach with brother piggybacking his younger brother

Family Photography at Beach with family sitting on the sand, boy is kissing mother

Family photography session at Beach with brothers hugging each other and smiling posing for camera

Family Photography at Umina Beach with mother hugging sons and looking out at ocean

Because it was a dog-friendly part of the beach, a random dog came to join us for the photo opportunity and of course, the boys loved it.

The lighting was amazing and the sun played an important part in capturing the best light, creating halo-like effects. I loved that I was able to record such a beautiful memory for Charni and her boys showing such affection and playfulness.

Check out more of family photography sessions here.

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Smooth Festival of Chocolate Goodness

Last weekend, August 12 – 13 Sydney hosted the Smooth Festival of Chocolate and it did not let the masses down. Crowds of people flocked to The Rocks to participate in the festivities celebrating all things chocolate.  With over 80 exhibitors, Sydney-siders and visitors had a chance to taste a variety of treats that included the expected macarons, the extravagant milkshakes overflowing with toppings, chocolate blocks with traditional and gourmet flavours and dessert cups layered with sugary goodness. It seems that every year, this annual festival just keeps getting grander and sweeter.

Loaded Cronut Fries at Festival of Chocolate Sydney

DJ Chocaramel Dessert from Zumbo at Festival of Chocolate Sydney

Portraits of people at Festival of Chocolate Sydney, holding chocolate dessert milkshake

I braved it and went peak time Sunday and though the lines for some stalls were ridiculous, it was expected; especially for the popular exhibitors like Black Star Pastry with its famous watermelon and strawberry cake and Zumbo Ski Lodge’s chocaramel dessert. Obviously, there were some food stalls that were providing food other than chocolate and desserts and naughty me, only had one Moroccan lamb skewer for lunch because I did not want to ruin my dessert appetite.

The lovely ladies at Le Macaron Boutique had amazing flavours that included Turkish Delight (which I scoffed down in the most lady-like way I could), Pistachio and Nutella, to name a few. I also had a try of the macarons at Passiontree Velvet with flavours including Passionfruit, Coconut, and my beloved Salted Caramel.

Le Macaron Boutique desserts at Festival of Chocolate Sydney

The Vogue Café - Freakshakes stand at Festival of Chocolate Sydney

The Vogue Café - Freakshakes stand at Festival of Chocolate Sydney with icecream toppings

Sydney is definitely a small place when you run into your couple friends whose wedding you went to just the day before. Coincidentally, they were in amongst the crowd and looking very much in love like the happily married couple they were! I was also honoured to do their engagement portrait shoot, last month.

You could spot the folks who had competed in the City to Surf earlier in the morning, still in their lanyards and running gear. What an amazing day they would have had, where one-half of the day they were running/walking for a great cause and then completing the day with deserved treats at the festival.

Tourists enjoying Festival of Chocolate Sydney

View from The Rocks Festival of Chocolate Sydney including the Harbour Bridge and stalls

Smooth Festival of Chocolate 2017 had some City Surf runners drop by

My husband who has recently gone vegan found some great exhibitors that fed his chocolate addiction. He stocked up on chocolate at the Little Zebra Chocolates and Cacaoette.

My epic sugar hit was at the Loaded Cronut Fries which was topped with chocolate, salted caramel flakes, mini m&m’s’ smashed oreo, milo, whipped cream and a chocolate wafer.

It was an impressive day and we are looking forward to next year’s event.

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Ana and Chris, Malabar Beach Family Portrait

Happiness overload during this family portrait session with this young family. Ana, Chris and Sophia were a pleasure to photograph as we shot at different locations at Malabar Beach to get a variety of looks. Sophia was happy to smile while playing with seashells and her favourite toys. There was one point in the session where she looked directly at the camera and gave me a confused ‘I can’t believe you did that’ look when I was placing her toys back on the blanket – it was a classic. The couple photos of Ana and Chris look like they are on their honeymoon! Not quite Hawaii but Malabar Beach was a good effort.

Family Portrait of three at Malabar Beach, with mother, father and little girl

Family Portrait at Malabar Beach, mother wearing a hat, carrying baby girl wearing white tutu



Family Portrait at Malabar Beach, mother, father and baby all cuddling togetherCouples Portrait at Malabar Beach, husband and wife holding hands, looking into each others eyesFamily Portrait at Malabar Beach, little girl wearing a headband and white tutu outfit sitting on sand playing with shells

Family Portrait at Malabar Beach, mother laughing and carrying baby in the sunset


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Karen, Natural Beauty Individual Portrait

This outdoor individual portrait session was taken at some of the Central Coast’s beautiful locations. Hailing from the Central Coast myself, I might be biased in saying that it offers loads of amazing photography locations including Pearl Beach and Woy Woy Wharf. Karen is a local and was a breeze to photograph and despite the bit on the colder side weather, we got lots of beautiful photos. Funnily, our favourites were actually ones against a white wall of a building. Pearl Beach during the week and in the late afternoon was perfect because there was no one else there and the rock pool and cliffs were perfect photography backdrops.  If you are ever in Woy Woy, you have to try Fisherman’s Wharf.


Self Portrait, Woy Woy Wharf, Central Coast, young Asian girl posing with denim jacket and flower crown


Self Portrait at Central Coast, girl posing next to white wall wearing bohemian fashion and flower crown

Self Portrait, Pearl Beach, Central Coast, young woman wearing a white maxi dress and flower crown posing next to rock pool

Self Portrait, Pearl Beach, Central Coast, young woman sitting down posing next to white rock cliffs

Self Portrait, Pearl Beach, Central Coast, young woman posing with white bohemian dress and flower crown

Self Portrait, Pearl Beach, Central Coast, young girl wearing white maxi dress and flower crown, posing with ocean in background


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Elly and Bailey, Palm Beach Mother and Daughter Portrait

I loved doing this sunset portrait session at Palm Beach with Elly and Bailey. On first meeting Bailey, I knew she was going to be an adventurous little soul. She loved the flower crown that I had made for her but she did not love the idea of putting it on her head which was ok because we got some amazing shots of her gorgeous blonde curls anyways.

She loved walking free on the beach and even sat herself down on the wooden stairs and the blanket without any prompting. It’s like she knew she was being photographed and was a willing poser (every photographer’s dream toddler).

She loved being cuddled by her mum and her giggling was infectious when she was being tickled.

Palm Beach, Australia Family Portrait Sunset Session with a mother and daughter

Palm Beach Family Portrait Session, Mother and Daughter cuddling and laughing Northern Beaches Sunset Family Portrait Session, little blonde toddler wearing pink blumers sitting on step

Palm Beach, Australia Sunset Family Portrait, mum crouching down holding baby laughing near shore

Palm Beach, Australia Sunset Family Portrait, mother holding up baby daughter kissing her

Northern Beaches Sunset Family Portrait at Palm Beach, Mother playing with baby daughter on the sand near the shore


The Northern Beaches has amazing sunsets where I love to photograph portraits for families, couples and self-portraits.

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