10 Things About Me


  1. Traveling keeps me sane. I like to travel at least once a year, when I say travel, I mean actually hop on a plane for at least 7 hours (remember Australia, is a big island far from the rest of the world).
  2. I live in Sydney with my husband but have small town roots.
  3. I always need to live near the beach; there is something soothing about the ocean.
  4. I love children! We lost twin boys during pregnancy but until we have more children, I cuddle and love my friends’ kids.
  5. I am a huge book nerd; the physical book kind. I devour everything from romance to self-help books.
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
  1. I love tea over coffee, coffee makes me bounce off walls.
  2. I am passionate about photography; from using film back in my school days but moreso now, in the world of digital.
  3. Naps give me my superpowers!
  4. My husband and I have a list of cuisines of the world and are currently eating our way through it.
  5. The photo taken from the boat was when I was fortunate enough to honeymoon in the beautiful Maldives.